Channel Driven

Scanfinity products are offered through a certified network of highly skilled Value Added Resellers (VAR). Scanfinity understands that our success is the direct result of VARs being able to attract profitable customers desiring to purchase and implement the products we bring to the market.

Scanfinity is very selective of partners and is committed to their success.

The Scanfinity Value Added Reseller program is based on four guiding principles:


Scanfinity is easy to do business with everyday.


Scanfinity looks for the “yes” everyday.


Scanfinity brings value to its resellers everyday.


Scanfinity earns the trust of its resellers everyday.

There are a few Key Elements that define the Value Added Reseller Program:

Certification and training of our skilled Value Added Resellers (VARs)
Providing large margins to our Value Added Resellers so they can be profitable.
Rewarding performance and commitment of our Value Added Resellers.
Providing tools for success to our Value Added Resellers.

More Information

To inquire about the Scanfinity Value Added Reseller program please contact us with your specific information.