Scanfinity EWF

Distribute electronic documents for approval, processing and long term archival.

Route & Complete

Scanfinity EWF allows you to easily route Images, Faxes, Microsoft Office Documents, Fillable PDF Forms, and other document types to other Active Directory Users or Groups.

Document Management

Scanfinity EWF supports the user with ad-hoc routing of documents to user-designated locations on the file system or to various document management systems by electronically filing documents into your document repository of choice.

Intuitive Capabilities

Scanfinity EWF has an elegantly intuitive user experience that allows users to simply add, delete, fax, scan, and split documents at any time during the routing process.

Scanfinity EWF is an Enterprise Work Flow designed to help any company manage the basic needs of document routing.

The simple user interface is tied in with Active Directory Security making this product easy to integrate into existing Microsoft Windows environments.

Audit Trail Logging

Scanfinity EWF has thorough audit trail logging of history events that are fully searchable.

Includes robust reporting capabilities that are easily accessed at any time by those with appropriate authority.

Each day employees find documents in their Inbox

that require some action to be taken.

Upon completing the action, the questions begin: Did the recipient get it? Did the recipient forward the document to someone else? Who has the document now? What do I tell the inquirer who originally sent the document to me when they ask about its status?

This is how critical business documents get lost in the shuffle costing companies valuable time, money, and legal exposure.

Aggregate and Bundle

Scanfinity EWF makes it easy to find and associate related documents so that they can be easily routed together as a bundle of documents throughout the workflow process.


Scanfinity EWF integrates directly with Microsoft Active Directory environments for intuitive selection of the next user or department to receive the bundle in the workflow process.

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